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Setting up a Synapse Server for Matrix Chat

Setting up a Matrix Homeserver with Synapse Goal: Setting up my own Matrix Homeserver using Docker and Docker Compose - to get more practice with dockerized setups and to try out Matrix Federation. Intro: For more information on Matrix and its benefits see here: It is not necessary to run your own server to join Matrix chat rooms. You can also sign up on an existing public server. However, one of the interesting Matrix features is its federation capability.

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Strong TLS configuration for Apache

Strong TLS settings for a website on Apache Goal SSL Labs A+ Rating - and the good feeling of having an up-to-date TLS configuration. You can get the rating for your website here: What is needed - In a nutshell: 4096 bit RSA private key and a certificate from a publicly trusted CA Only modern TLS versions: TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 Only strong cipher suites HTTP strict transport security (HSTS) CAA DNS record This resource describes the requirements in great detail: